Girija Iyer

I have known Manoj for 6 years. As my music teacher he is very positive, patient and encouraging. Instead of criticizing when I make mistakes while singing, he suggests ways I can correct my mistakes and improve. I appreciate the way he explains aspects of Hindustani music system such as Raga structure, Raga comparisons and Raga swarupa. This helps me to deepen my understanding and appreciation of Hindustani music. He has taught me how to sing with more emotion. Manoj inspires me not only in music but also by the positive way he lives his life.


Manojji is truly a gifted artist. His singing is always smooth, interesting and pleasing. No matter what type of audience, Manojji always knows what to choose so as to match the audience expectations, creates an environment with his choice of light or a serious classical and with that his presentations become memorable. There is an excitement in the air as soon as people hear that Manojji is singing. His demeanor is very admirable whether he is singing or just having a conversation. That is why he is known as a total teacher.


I have known Manoj Govindraj for the last three years and I have been learning Hidustani classical music from him since February 2008. He is immensely talented and it is easy to learn from him since I believe he has a method to teach. I had so many gurus in the past but did not really learn to sing classical sangeet till I met Manoj Govindraj. I feel privileged to be his student. How I wish I had learnt from him when he first started teaching music at Academy of Indian Music in 2003.